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About Us


Jewelry to Feed Your Adventurous Soul

Icarus + Co. features high end jewelry for your wild side. We use only pure and natural materials. Everything is handmade with love in NYC.

Like our namesake, the Grecian adventurer, Icarus + Co.'s pieces push the bounds of art and traditional beauty. Inspired by Icarus’ plunge to the ocean, we draw inspiration from the sea and earth's natural materials. 

For a truly personalized experience, come visit us in the studio to customize your own piece. By appointment only


About the Founders

After years of working in the New York fashion and art industries, designers Krys DeMauro and Caroline Mullen found their calling in their own craft.

Krys DeMauro, famous for her toothy grin, is a co-founder and designer for Icarus and Co. She also works as a freelance stylist working with a number of brands and editorials.  She is a veteran of Takashi Murakami's Studio, Kaikai Kiki.  Krys earned a Masters from Carnegie Mellon in Arts Management.  She has yet to discover a use for this degree...  

Twitter: @KidYoshiko / Instagram: @KidYoshiko

Caroline Mullen, known for her salty demeanor, is a co-founder and designer for Icarus and Co. She worked for designers such as Zac Posen, Tuleh, and Jocelyn and worked with Amanda Brooks, consulting for brands such as American Express, Diane von Furstenberg, Revlon, and Men's Vogue. Caroline earned a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. This degree gets considerable use...

Twitter: @CarolineBMullen / Instagram: @SaltyCaro